Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fashion Inspiration...a la Spring...

The sun is shinning and although the snow hasn't completely disappeared, the hope that spring is finally on its way prevails...it's been long long LONG winter this year, and I know that I speak on behalf of a lot of us when I say, it's time for Old Man Winter to pack his bags and get the &*%$ out! SO to help him shuffle along, here are some really great spring fashion images...you know, just to show him that snow may still be on the ground but we will not be bullied into wearing our winter parkas for much longer...am I right ladies and gents? Am I right??? Enjoy...
Let's hear it for spring...shed your parkas, your mittens and hats and don your flats, pedal pushers and lightweight jackets and dresses...here's hoping!
Love K

1 comment:

Nieszka said...

oh im so happy for springtime!!! but we need to speed it up a little bit more! :)


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