Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Inspiration...

Although the temperature has risen in the last few days (marginally), the weather remains dreary and, well, winter-y...sigh...I can't wait to wear skirts, dresses and shorts, plus I long for the days where my accessories and jewellery, aren't covered by a bulky sweater or a down-filled parka...and when that time comes, you'll see me rocking some of these fabulous gems from Ernest the mean time hope these brighten up your day...enjoy...
...they sure are purdy, now let's hope that the weather improves so we can all enjoy some of our own pretty sick of tights and jeans...bring on the skirts and dresses...pretty please!
Love K

1 comment:

Petite Adventures said...

Love the yellow dress in the first photo (now if only I could wear that colour!) The cut is fantastic and the colour is such a great pick-me-up in the middle of winter!

Kate xo

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