Friday, December 21, 2012

Bling Bling Inspo...

Ahhhhh I love you so...mostly because I am going through a weird body phase post-prego at the moment, where I can kinda fit into my old stuff but it doesn't look the same, so now I rely on accessories to complete most of my looks...that being said, I have been searching (and pinning) high and low for some great accessory/bling bling inspiration and here is a compilation of what I have found...also if you are looking for some great jewellery to complete any outfit, check out JEWLR*, their stuff is really cute...enjoy...
I love love LOVE pilling on the bracelets, for one it looks great and two, it gives Baby Dublin plenty to play with and distract him with...don't you just love it when your accessories serve double duty?
Love K
* JEWLR is offering a 10% discount to all holiday purchases, simply use the coupon code: HOLIDAY2012 to receive yours. Check out their gift guide here for some great ideas for someone special on your list!

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