Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Essentials and The Kit...

Back again after a long(er) hiatus...this whole baby thing takes up an amazing amount of one's time-I never would have guessed! Today I wanted to share another goodie from the shopbop lookbook file, this time it's a guide to the summer essentials and I must say these do come in pretty handy...also a bit of shameless self-promotion I made it into The Kit Style Guide section thanks to Justyna of it out, it brings me back to those lovely days of prego-hood and relative freedom...enjoy...

Hope you are all enjoying your's been a lovely hot one here in the capital...I'm off now to attend to the little man...happy Thursday everyone!
Love K


Jen said...

Shopbop always has the best picks. If my job could consist of just actively placing orders there all day long, I would be the happiest employee ever.
Hope you are enjoying Mommy-hood!

Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous dress, you look amazing!


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