Monday, November 7, 2011

Fashion Inspiration...

It's Monday and as far as this particular day of the week is concerned, this is definitely not my favourite day of the seven...besides having to wake-up early after two glorious days of sleeping-in and decadent breakfasts (I spent the weekend at the Chateau Laurier, a Hogwarts-esque castle-like hotel here in the city) Monday also means that reality sets in and I actually have to think about the amount of work I must get through this week...but enough complaining, instead let me do something a little more productive...something that never fails in cheering me up even when I have those awful Monday blues, is some much desired (and much needed) fashion here are a few lovely images that are sure brighten up even the grumpiest of Mondays...enjoy...
{The Chateau Laurier ~ where I spent my glorious by me}
{ some amazing ensembles a la TheSartorialist }
 { some more amazing ensembles a la TheSartorialist & TheGlamourai}
 {stunning inspiration right from Ottawa's backyard via Chameleonic}
 {gorgeous hair ideas? YES, please...}
 {"God is in the details"...} if these little snapshots didn't brighten your day, I hope my good Monday wishes do...happy Monday everyone...

Love K


Justyna said...

you are the sweetest. SERIOUSLY!

Erica Wark said...

Great post on your inspirations Kat - love the hair looks you pulled - loved the messy-ness in it! Also - couldn't agree more, it's ALL about the accessories!


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