Friday, November 18, 2011


Once again The Coveteur has given me something to drool and pine over...sigh...this time it's the home (and insane Chanel collection) from Toronto architect and interior designer Dee Dee Taylor Eustace...boy oh boy would I love to go 'shopping' in this lady's closet! See for yourself, and...enjoy...
...I never thought a closet could make me swoon, but alas here it is... house slippers are old and ratty, must upgrade immediately...
 ...yes, let's!
 ...there are those adorable Chanel slippers again...I am officially jealous... anyone up for a house-swap? Seriously, this home is phenomenal, mind you I think that may just be the Chanel talking! Either way, thanks to The Coveteur, I now have a reason to go out and get myself a new pair of stylin' slippers...Happy Friday everyone!
Love K


MartilaMi said...

Love your post! XDDDD
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Justyna said...

oh i know, right? can i, like, go live there?

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