Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Mirror, mirror on the wall..."

I am loving this modern-fashion twist on an old fairytale classic...Snow White has always held a kind of fascination for me...as a child I always wondered why anyone would be stupid enough take an apple from a old witch, or live in a house in the middle of the forest with nothing to do but cook and clean for seven creepy little men...I guess those questions still remain with me to this day, because frankly I still wonder what nut-case would do either of those things...nonetheless, if it means a rich prince at the end of that experience, then why not? (Problematic? You think?) However, despite all my criticism and pessimism, I do love this Korean Vogue fashion version of the fairy tale-particulalry because it focuses more on the heroine as opposed to anything else...but also because let's face it, girl knows how to dress...(or at least the stylist got it right)...

That's all I got for today...too much work, too many deadlines...I need a vacation...sigh...
Love K

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