Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Genteel: The Launch...

I am extremely happy to announce the launch of a project I am a contributor to The Genteel, an on-line fashion magazine dedicated to fashion journalism and commentary. Their goal:

"The Genteel is committed to delivering quality journalism, unearthing the forces shaping international fashion and design, through the lens of business, culture, society, best kept secrets and street style. As multi-dimensional and stimulating as its readers, The Genteel is the inspired destination where informed readers converge with in-depth fashion and design coverage."

I am thrilled to be a part of this endeavour and even more thrilled to have my first story published, that happens to be about NYC Fashion's Night Out, which you can read here...but in the mean time, below is a screen shot and teaser...enjoy...(and check out the publication!) 

Short and sweet...
Love K


Justyna said...

heya! congrats, thats amazing!!! so proud of yoU!

Little Petite said...

Wow congratulations! How exciting it must be! =D
-Little Petite

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