Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today I embark on a journey to the great land of Berlin...okay it's not that HUGE of a journey but I am excited nonetheless...I have been very lucky to have been able to visit a fair amount of cities in Europe but funnily enough never Berlin..don't get me wrong I kept it on my (long) list of places to see but somehow it always seemed to be placed on the back burner...well no longer because today I make the trip to the land of amazing architecture, history and the infamous I excited? You betcha! I am super excited to check out the GDR Museum, the Sunday Vintage Markets, heck I am even excited to check out the German grocery stores (yup, I am a freak)...but seriously, it will be nice to explore a new city, meet new people, hang out with my cousin who I haven't seen since Korea (who is studying Art History there...I know right?) Anyway, needles to say, I am excited...after Berlin we will head to more familiar territory: Vienna and Bratislava, where we will visit family and old friends...what more can a girl ask for...until then, here are some random shots of some great travel looks, celebrity and otherwise...enjoy...
{some travel essentials}
Stay tuned everyone, for my adventures through the 2 B's (Berlin and Bratislava) and 1 V (Vienna)...I will be sure to keep you posted...until then, happy weekend everyone!
Love K

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Molto ❤ Fashion said...

How exciting that you get to visit Berlin! It's fun to travel to begin with, and then to visit such a beautiful city as that makes it even better. I hope you have a wonderful trip! x

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