Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...with a load of books by my side, papers scattered everywhere, post-it notes littering every nook and cranny of my already messy desk, it's hard to stay focused let alone interested on the words that blur in front of me...sigh...even worse is what I see when I longingly look out the window...which is essentially a whiter and frostier version of the image below... what's a girl to do to get a little inspiration under such circumstances? Wonder... daydream and surf the web...hey you gotta start somewhere right? And between that and mentally organizing all the books I still have to read for this blasted comprehensive exam, I also have to use the remainder of my mental and emotional capacity not to break into a cold sweat while thinking about the sheer number of texts that continually haunt me on my reading list... to help this seemingly dire situation I did what I know best...make a mammoth cup of tea, rolled up my selves in determination and came up with some images of some gorgeous workspaces to get the old creative juices flowing...did it work? Well I am writing a blog post aren't I? And I also managed to clean most of the mess on my own desk-post-its and, whether this little activity helps me to actually retain and focus on the academic words still blurring below me...well that's a different story altogether...but here's hoping, and until then, here are some photos of a few really amazing workspaces that are sure to inspire the visual sense on this cold and snowy white day...enjoy...
(yes I know this isn't exactly what comes to mind when envisioning a workspace per se...but isn't it so wonderfully decadent? A perfect reading nook in my mind...sigh...I love...)
Love K


Mizdragonfly said...

That little nook by the fireplce = wonderful! Maybe I'll rearrange my living room over the weekend ;)

And at least you're home - the drive home from work tonight will be looooooong :/


Justyna said...

this is what my weekend will look like: redecorating!

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