Thursday, February 3, 2011

Closet clean-out a la HUSH...

I thought I would pass this along, as it concerns two of my favourite things; HUSH (a consignment store in Westboro, Ottawa) and cleaning out one's closet to make room for more for all of you in the Ottawa vicinity, roll up your sleeves, wipe the winter from your eyes, open those closet doors and start searching! Below are some details (and images to get your imagination going), but click here for more information...

"It's that time again! Frigid temps have you staying in to keep warm? Snowed in? It's a good thing! It's the ideal time to clean out your closet!

As of February 1st HUSH will be accepting spring clothing. When you look through your pieces from last year there are no doubt some (or perhaps many) that never came off the hanger."

Bring them in!
HUSH is looking for:

Pants: Casual, Dressy and Jeans
Tops: Lightweight tops, cardigans, t-shirts, tank tops, and camisoles
Dresses: everything but summer cotton
Button down shirts
Shoes: flats and heels, no open toes yet
Leather boots
Lightweight /Spring coats
Bags: shoulder bags, travel bags, purses and clutches
Jewellery: that's right, it's back! Earrings, necklaces and bracelets
Accessories: Belts, scarves (except wool), sunglasses and wallets

Do I need an appointment to bring my things in?

In order for HUSH to provide quick and efficient service we need to know when our clothing drop offs will be arriving. We have loaded our system with days and times for you to come in. Now there are even appointments available on Saturdays! If your schedule is hectic and unpredictable we understand. Give us a call and we will do our best to fit you in!

Happy Cleaning Everyone!

Love K


Ashelle said...

I was just there (on the first) And there was some great items on sale but they unfortunately didn't fit. HUSH is great. I love shopping there!

Cecylia said...

man I wanna tidy up my wardrobe to look like that too!! It will take a while...

have a great weekend hun!

Pop Champagne said...

I made an appointment with them this saturday to drop off all my stuff, I'm such a horder when it comes to clothes that I think they need to do an intervention on my closet...

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