Monday, January 17, 2011

something healthy...something new...

Sticking with my NY resolutions, I tried yet another recipe last week...I admit this isn't one that is completely new, I have been making rice salads for while...or at least since last year when my husband and I had to go on a crazy elimination diet and had to be REALLY creative with our food...but that's a whole different story for another time...but nonetheless, I did re-vamp it a little and improved it as in my mind, it counts as new...the lovely thing about rice salads, beside the fact that their are super easy to make, is that they are both filling and healthy...three birds-one stone kind of deal...anyway, here is what I made last week...hope you enjoy...

1 cup brown rice
(you can use white, brown just adds a bit more flavour)
1 cup filtered water
1 cup organic chicken or vegetable broth
1 boneless skinless chicken breast cubed
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
1/3 cup almonds
1 tomato cubed
1/2 cup chickpeas
1 green onion chopped
1/2 avocado cubed
(any other vegetable that you prefer in a salad)
cajun spice blend (optional)
lemon and herb spice blend (optional)
salt & pepper to taste
(any other spices that you like)
How to:
  1. Bring water and broth to boil and add your rice to cook (depending on the type of rice you are using, make sure you check the cooking directions, for times).
  2. In a pan, add olive oil and garlic and saute until garlic is about half done.

  3. Add chicken and this point you can also add some of your spices to flavour the chicken...put aside.
  4. In a bowl, add spinach, tomatoes, onion, chickpeas and avocado and mix well.
  5. Add salt and pepper and lemon spice fo flavour to your salad mixture and add chicken. Mix well.
  6. Once the rice is about 90% done, add almonds and stir.
  7. Add rice to the salad and mix all of it together.
  8. Add any spices to taste and if your rice salad is too dry you can also add a bit of olive oil to moisten it up...
Voila, your healthy rice salad is ready for the tasting...

Love K

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Tinfoils Tiaras said...

You make cooking look so easy! Looks yummy- I may have to try it! xo

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