Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade Chicken Shwarma-Style Wraps...

I LOVE chicken fact I would say that as of late these little middle eastern delicacies have become a favourite food indulgence of mine...however, since I live in an apartment owning a giant vertical roasting oven with a spit is a little impractical (not to mention completely frowned upon by the building management) going out in -40C every time I get a hankering was turning out to be slightly a result I had to find other ways of satiating this particular craving...and so I compromised...

The result: a simple recipe for my own version of chicken shwarma-style wraps, complete with hummus, garlic sauce and plenty of veggies to boot...enjoy...

Tomatoes cubed
Celery chopped
Green Onions chopped
Fresh Basil chopped
Cucumber cubed
Chickpeas drained
Salt & Pepper to taste
(any other kind of spices you like in salads)
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 tsp vinegar

-Mix all ingredients in bowl and set aside

Ingredients~Garlic Sauce
4 cloves of garlic chopped (very fine)
1 cup plain balkan -style yogurt
Salt & Pepper to taste
1tsp chilly flakes
2tsp lemon & herb seasoning

-Mix all ingredients in small bowl and set aside

Pickled Radishes or Beets
Hot Peppers (optional)
Parsley finely chopped (not shown)
Hummus (store-bought or homemade)
Pita Bread large

-Cut pickles, hot peppers, radishes, and/or beets and set aside on a serving platter

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
pinch of salt for each breast
1 tsp pepper for each breast
1 tbsp each for each breast:
- paprika
- Zatar (a middle eastern spice available at most middle eastern food markets)
-cajun style spice blend

-combine your spices in a container with a lid
-add 1 breast to container, close the lid and shake around to over breast with spices
-repeat for each breast adding spice as needed (see image below)

-bake or barbecue chicken until done
-cut cooked chicken into strips

-Beware of chicken predators in the kitchen...of the adorable canine persuasion
(as seen below :-)

-Serve all of your sides, with chicken and sauces and salad...

To Assemble
1. Make a slight opening on one end of your pita.
2. Slowly tear pita about halfway until it makes a pouch.

3. Fold over one half and add hummus to un-folded side.
4. Add garlic sauce on top of hummus.

5. Add salad, chicken, hot peppers, beets/radishes and pickles.
6. Carefully roll the folded pita part over and tuck in the top.

7. Keep rolling your pita over the unfolded side, tucking in tightly.
8. Make sure your roll is tight otherwise your wrap will fall apart...this is why I get my husband to do it for me (did you think those hairy arms belonged to me???), I am useless in tucking and folding my pita tightly and instead of enjoying it like it is intended to be enjoyed-in wrap form-I have to resort to using cutlery...sigh...

9. Take a HUGE bite, chew, swallow and ENJOY...
...and there you have it, your very own homemade chicken shwarma-style wrap...just as yummy as the real thing and you don't even have to brave the cold to get it...bon apetite...

Love K


Mizdragonfly said...

Love the recipe... but I love the little owl in the serving platter even more! ;)


Justyna said...

hahahaha. i love your pups face!

Pop Champagne said...

nice recipe, and love the pic of your puppy! btw I started a chronicles of elegance now... I hope you are doing one too.

Ashelle said...

Oh yummy. I want shwarmas now!!! Love this how to :)

Victoire said...

oh my goodness, this honestly looks so delicious!!

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