Thursday, October 28, 2010

OFW Designer Portfolio: Sugarbum Designs & Yola Couture

Sugarbum Designs: Sunday, October 31st @ 6pm
"Our purpose is to create magic in a world where your reality is whatever you chose to make it..." this is the fashion philosophy of Sugarbum Designs and it definitely translates in their garments...with a lot of sparkle, colour and light, these clothes are definitely for the daring and fashion-adventurous...I have to say I am super curious to see what creative adventure Sugarbum has in store for OFW audiences...

Yola Designs: Sunday, October 31st @ 6pm
Feminine and edgy are definitely two words that come to mind when describing Yola Designs...Yolanda, the designer behind the brand started designing at the age of three...mind you it was with a crayon and a triangle skirt on a stick person but still, her talent grew as did her desire to become a Yola "is offering trend-setting women an outside-the-box fashion experience..."

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OFW Designer Portfolio: Rachel Sin

Rachel Sin: Saturday, October 30th @ 8pm
Not only is Rachel Sin my favourite designer in Ottawa (and perhaps in general) but she also happens to be a friend and one of the nicest people I have met in the city so far...that being said she is also an incredible designer that has an inherent talent for designing styles to suit any shape and fit...Architect turned fashion-designer, it makes sense that Sin has a keen eye for flattering cuts and shapes...Rachel's philosophy centres around the concept that "having a sense of style is a lifestyle..." and both her designs and her personal style reflect that in every sense...I had the fortune of getting a sneak peek at Rachel's latest line this past weekend, as we celebrated her upcoming move to Toronto (Ottawa is sad to lose such a gifted designer...sigh...) and let me tell you, it's FANTASTIC...I just have to refrain from trying all the pieces on because once I do it's too late and I will surely go broke... :-)
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rachel Sin Runway Fashion Sample Sale...

Warning: Once you try on anything by Rachel Sin you will surely want to keep it on forever...I have yet to NOT purchase something I have tried on from her line...her cuts are amazing and the style even more so...
(click on image below to enlarge...)
Love K

OFW Designer Portfolio: Jana Hanzel & Judy Design

Jana Hanzel: Saturday, October 30th @ 8pm
"Designs that will make you feel beautiful"...this is Jana Hanzel's fashion philosophy and with her creative and whimsical designs it's no wonder either...Hanzel's background is not one of fashion design, but rather she earned her Master's Degree in Computer Science in Europe before coming to Ottawa and pursuing her dream of being a designer...Her background in math and understanding of spatial geometry enables her to design "flawless and figure-flattering patterns..."

Judy Design: Saturday, October 30th @8pm
Montreal-based designer Judy Doyon, the creative power-house behind Judy Design, believes that "desire is evoked by image..." In turn her style and designs are both eclectic and unique..."Sometimes rock, sometimes boho...but always connected" it is no wonder that the designer has such a large following in her hometown...

Love K

Love K's 1000th Post!!!

...I know I have been pretty preoccupied with blogging about the upcoming Ottawa Fashion Week but I had to take a mini-break in order to wish my blog a Happy 1000th Post Day! I cannot believe that I have now officially done 1000 blog posts...too much time on my hands perhaps :-) But as much as I love doing my blog, seeing as it is my creative outlet, I love even more when I know that somewhere out there people are actually reading my random I dedicate this 1000th post to all of my followers and those that read, comment or simply browse my blog...thanks's to you!
Love K

Monday, October 25, 2010

OFW Designer Portfolio: Label, Courtney Flood/ Julianne Robichaeu & Andrew Majtenyi

Label: Saturday, October 30th @ 6pm
Label is a fashion line that attempts to defy the fashion industry's urge to attach connotations of wealth and status to their brands...instead Label uses ethically and organically-made fabrics i order to inspire its wearer to make the clothes their own. As stated on their website: "The garments resist the urge to define its wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing. By reinventing the basics, LABEL inspires and encourages creative styling and wardrobe play which can be easily and affordably incorporated into a busy woman’s lifestyle..."

Courtney Flood/Julianne Robicheau: Saturday, October 30th @ 6pm
With classic cuts and styles, these two designers create beautiful women's clothing for both work and play. The two grew up in small towns on the East Coast but met at last years Ottawa Fashion Week...the fruits of the resulting partnership will be witnessed during this year's Fashion Week, something I am sure many of us are really looking forward to...

Andrew Majtenyi: Saturday, October 30th @7pm
With edgy designs and a creative flair it's no wonder that Majtenyi's renowned style has been featured in shows as well as movies. His creations begin not with a sketch but rather with fabric and an anything else that seems to catch his attention at a specific moment, resulting in creative, fun and unique apparel. What inspire this designer the most? "He feeds his no-holds bar, free-association creativity in many ways..." From travel to art instillations, all of these keep Majtenyi's pulse on what's hot in fashion and fashion design...

Love K

Saturday, October 23, 2010

OFW Designer Portfolio: Elroy Apparel & Golden Fish Swimwear

Elroy Apparel: Friday, October 29th @ 9pm
BC-based Elroy Apparel embodies the concept of "classic"...With gorgeous classic cuts and styles, Elroy's dresses, tops and everything else in the collection are equally suited for both work and play...What's more, Elroy uses organic fabrics in order to create not only beautiful clothes but also health and environmentally conscious apparel...It's no surprise then, that Elroy's fashion philosophy states: "Designing sophisticated street wear for a contemporary health conscious woman, who cares not only what she looks like, but what story her clothing carries..."

Golden Fish Swimwear: Friday, October 29th @9pm
Cynthia D'Amour's spectacular swimwear line 'Golden Fish Swimwear' is guaranteed to have any beach-lover drooling over the bright patterns, unique styles and intricate details of these bathing suits. As a world-traveler, D'Amour cites various world-beaches as her inspiration and asserts that her exotic brand will "give young women the passport to the most sophisticated beaches around the world..."

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Costume Inspiration...

Halloween is fast approaching and being the geek that I am, so is my inevitable excitement over the idea of dressing up...this year I am opting for something a little less scary (well....) and a little more risque (at least for me) and I have decided to go as an original Playboy Bunny circa 1950's (I refuse to go as a current bunny because let's get real~going out in a skimpy bikini and slapping on some bunny ears does not a Playboy Bunny make!) I also managed to rope my husband into being Hef, so I won't be completely alone in my Bunny endeavours :-) So why the Bunny-eared decision, you ask? Two reasons: #1-it's just plain old silly fun...and a little naughty...#2-realistically I doubt I have many good Bunny years left in me so why not now...while my ears are still perky ;-)
Below are some images from which I am drawing my Bunny inspiration...enjoy and Happy Halloweening!
Love K

OFW Designer Portfolio: Karen McClintock & Micalla

Karen Clintock: Friday, October 29th @ 8pm
Inspiration truly does come in all shapes and sizes and nowhere is this more obvious than in Karen Clintock's gorgeous jewellery designs. Originally inspired by a rummage sale find, Clintock first began to design her unique pieces from home only to expand to the likes of Holt Renfrew and other such prestigious fashion venues throughout Canada...As her website states: Her new collection for Fall 2010 "showcases the beauty of France. Profiling rich, warm earth tones and accents of deep red combined in a striking combinations highlighted with antique French coins.."

Micalla: Friday, October 29th @ 8pm
Stunning jewellery seems to be on the fashion menu for Friday evening,and why not, every girl loves a great accessory! Micalla jewlery, the brain child of Danish-born, Camilla Jørgensen, consist of the beautiful combination of natural stones, sparkling jewels, and intricate designs..."The finishing details of the necklaces, bracelets and earrings are inspired by the wonderous colours of nature, the brilliance of crystal and the quality a handcrafted piece represents, MICALLA provides wearable pieces of art infused with Scandinavian design sensibility..."

Love K
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