Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rachel Sin's Holiday Style Guide...and a sneak peak into her new collection...

I always look forward to this time of year, because in the fashion world where everything is done a year in advance—I am designing the new collection. When shopping is your research, I need a surge of inspiration.

Designing a new collection is still my favourite part of the whole creative process, with seeing your hard work walk down the runway following a close second. There is nothing like choosing your own fabric, creating the initial sample and seeing the finished product for the first time. It is a laborious process and with an architect’s eye you scrutinize every detail , fit and function. There is always a charm to wearing a dress for the first time, but by the time it hits the boutique sales floor, it will have already gone through photo shoot, runway, press and already be filed away in my mental archive. Moving on to the next project...

Mylett Dress $260 available March 2011.

The new Spring Summer 2011 Collection is truly a collection that I would love to wear. As any artist or designer, you are constantly defining your style and reinventing yourself. I always picture myself going to an event in a modern building, what would wear that would complement the space and become as timeless as the building itself? You know you look good when you are comfortable in your own skin, when you don’t have to try too hard, when your wardrobe becomes an extension of your confidence, originality and personal style. What I love about the new collection is that combines unexpected elements to achieve a balance of sensual cool with an edge, a polished look with understated style. I love pairing sensual lightweight fabrics with edgier metallic sequins or thicker sculptural fabrics. The opposition is fun and emphasizes the play on the delicate verses hard edge.

Elle Dress $250 available March 2011.

I love the Model off the runway look, a style that so quintessentially describes Rachel Sin. So downtown cool, so rocker glam, so effortlessly functional. We are excited to announce, you heard it first at LoveK—Rachel Sin will be expanding the collection to include a new line of separates appropriately named Model Off Duty. Look for something to stand out in, whether it is texture that that draws the eyes without being overbearing or exquisite detailing that you can’t take your eyes off of.

Model Off Duty looks I love.

Fur vest over leather leggings, Andrew Marc Mongolian Lamb Vest $1495.

Button-down silk blouse paired with skinny trousers, Siwy Sequin Hannah Slim Crop Pants $284

Oversize collar jacket, State & Lake Fur Collar Leather Jacket $560.

This Model Off Duty line transitions effortlessly from day to night, downtown to red carpet and right into the after party. It's the perfect match of sophistication, fun and function for the chic city woman.

Rachel Sin, now a household name for any fashionista living in Ottawa, resides in two style universes: architecture and fashion...both of which she handles with poise, grace and elegance and both of which showcase her tremendous talent...Rachel has recently moved to Toronto (sad for me~lucky for Torontonians) but will soon be expanding her fashion empire to the rest of the gorgeous dress at a time...Rachel Sin will be expanding the Fall Winter 2011 collection to include a new line of separates appropriately named Model Off Duty...


Erica Wark said...

I absolutely love the Andrew Marc Mongolian Lamb Vest, and the Elle Dress as well!

your description of fabric and textile picking makes me want to pick up some fabric and a sewing machine on my way home from work today! Your a great descriptive writer!

love your blog!

xx Erica

Erica Wark said...

I ADORE Rachel, she's so talented and a wonderful person. I had the opportunity to try on some of her spring collection and i'm obsessed!!!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I really want those Hannah slim pants- they are fabulous! Great designer (yay for local talent!) and great collection!

xo Emily

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