Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lesley: "A picture speaks a thousand words" San Francisco...

Last week, when winter decided to settle in my neck of the woods, a friend and I headed south. South-west, that San Francisco. The City by the Bay had been sitting near the top of my “must go” list for years, so I was dually excited when Kat asked me to recount my travels for her blog.

This post began as a “10 Things to do in San Francisco” list. But, after getting halfway through, I noticed two things:

(1) I was starting to sound like Lonely Planet. No offence to the series, of course. Its San Francisco City Guide got me through much of my vacation (and I can’t find my way out of a paper bag, so that’s saying something). But, as it was my first time visiting the city, my list was quickly becoming predictable. Alcatraz (check)...The Golden Gate Bridge (check)...Cable cars (check)...

(2) I kept looking back at my photos (all 227 of them) for inspiration. Perhaps graduate school is to blame, but these days I find myself much more interested in images than words. This is about the time when I need to tell you that I am by no means a seasoned photographer. While I one day hope to master a DSLR, I still snap with a point-and-shoot. Nevertheless, I still managed to capture some of my favourite moments.

With these two points in mind, I’ll let my pictures – and a few captions – speak for themselves. Oh, I should also mention that there are pictures of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and cable cars. Enjoy!

The view from a cable car (California Street)

The Painted Ladies across from Alamo Park (known to me – and I’m sure to most 80s babies – from the opening credits of Full House)

Entering Alcatraz

The view from Alcatraz

Remembering Harvey Milk (Castro Station)

Riding a boat beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

Pictures Seven and Eight: Sampling organic donuts and other gourmet foods at the Ferry Building (a foodie’s paradise)

Pictures Nine and Ten: Part of the 360° view at the de Young Fine Arts Museum (observation deck)

Pictures Eleven and Twelve: Mission Dolores (basilica and cemetery)

Pictures Thirteen and Fourteen: University of California, Berkeley (Get your nerd on)

Lesley is probably one of the funniest (intentionally) people I have ever met and definitely one of the coolest (unintentionally) people I have had the pleasure of meeting...she is an MA student in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University where we met...being a cheerleader in a past life, some of Lesley's (MANY) talents include cheering people up when they are down and the being able to do the splits (see photo on left)...both of which I am extremely jealous!

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nice pictures.. and wow you must have a lot of friends in blogosphere because you have guest bloggers in every post that you have.. followed you my dear..

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