Friday, November 26, 2010

Wishlist item #2: "Luella's Guide to English Style"...

...this may seem like a strange wishlist item for someone who is neither English nor has ever been to England for that matter (unless you count the time I was stuck in a stinky London bus station for 8 hours waiting to board the bus to Dublin...because I certainly don't)...but I have to say that English style, be it fashion, architecture, etiquette has a bit of an appeal to me (plus rumour has it that the Brits LOVE tea just like me ;-)...Afterall, I am just as much of a fan of Kate Moss as the next fashion-conscious why not? The book promises to be an adorable collection of style, fashion and English etiquette advice along with lovely photos, art, diagrams and illustrations. The designer writes:
"My aim is simply to dig up the roots of and, more importantly, show my unerring appreciation and devotion to those contrived subtleties and that blatant contrariness that makes British women so staggeringly adept in the art of expression through style."
English or not English, this blogger is definitely including this little gem on her Christmas wishlist...
Love K


Ashley McConnell said...

Love this book!

And to answer your question on my blog, I used a Canon EOS 10D for my photos. I just got the thing and am in the process of trial and error and playing around with it...sometimes the results are good, sometimes sadly not...ah well....these things take time


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

This is on my wish list as well, totally a must-have!


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