Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tom Ford's (don't call it a ) Comeback...

...for all of us less-privilaged folk (sigh) who did not get to enjoy Tom Ford's secretly exclusive September show in NYC (after a 6-year hiatus) Vogue is offering a sneak peak into the Fashion Genius' new collection...photographed here by Steven Meisel with Karen Olsen...Mr. Ford (as he prefers to be called now) claims that this time around, "It's all about individuality..." the fashion world is watching...
Vogue writes:
"Tom Ford’s comeback to womenswear after six years—­with a show achieved in spectacular style in New York on September 12—­is fashion meganews, not that he’s been sharing it with just anyone. The newly elusive former idol and inciter of the sexed-­up Gucci-­YSL nineties is doing things differently this time. He objects to the way the Internet eats up fashion images before the clothes can be bought. He despises sections of the press. Private and formal are terms he favors now. And he’d rather people didn’t “Tom” him anymore. At 49, he lets it be known he prefers “Mr. Ford..."
Love K

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Ashley McConnell said...

I like the direction that he is going with this statement.
Fashion has gone SO viral that it really has lost its elusiveness and fantasy-like quality over the past few years, that once made it so sought-after and praised. Bravo Mr. Ford, bravo.

Also, that red fringe dress in the second image is heavenly. Great post!

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