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Austria Motor-home Adventure: Day ten, eleven and twelve...

Finally after a long delay, I am back with the rest of our Fabulous Motor Home trek/adventure through the beautiful country of Austria. So here it is...
Day ten-Tirolia and Anna and Michael's GORGEOUS farm house
What can I say but, "where there is good company, good times are sure to follow". Those are the words that I keep coming back to when I think of our time in Tirolia with Philipp and Sandra's friends; Anna and Michael. But let me begin at the...well...beginning :-) After a rather lazy start, the four of us, once again packed up our motor home and started the treacherous journey (okay well maybe not exactly treacherous-just wanted to add a little effect) to the land of Tirolia. This Austrian Province is as beautiful as all the others we have seen so far, but may I also say probably the least friendly in terms of its inhabitants (Anna and Michael NOT included in this generalization). Nonetheless, the drive was once again spectacular and filled with amazing mountains, beautiful valleys and (of course) a significant number of food pit stops (I am currently paying for that now :-) Finally, we arrived at our destination: a GORGEOUS old-but-restored farm house belonging to Philipp and Sandra's good friends; Anna and Michael. We were greeted, in true European fashion, with light kisses on each cheek and not so light alcoholic beverages (Caipirinhas to be exact-recipe below). Needless to say, Anna and Michael's house is as beautiful on the inside as it is charming on the outside and as a result I couldn't help but take some photos of their interior (although the place is not finished yet, the photos promise at least a glimpse of how great the house will be once completed). Anyway, we didn't do much this evening, mostly because we arrived a little bit late and were too tired to do anything more than eat, drink and be merry...and MERRY we were...

How to make Caipirinhas...the Fabulous way!
1 Shot of Pitu or Sagatiba Pura (Brazilian Rum)
1/2 Crushed Lime
2 tsp granulated brown sugar (organic sugar cane works/tastes best)
1 Tall glass
A lot of Crushed Ice
1 Dash of love
*Combine all ingredients in your tall glass, sip, enjoy and be MERRY!!!*

Day eleven- Innsbruck, the Wild Kaiser Mountains and the Wolfsklamm Waterfalls
Day eleven of our journey was probably one of my favourite days of our trip (I know I say that a lot!) We actually had a pretty early start to our day, mostly on account of the fact that Michael was driving us to Innsbruck earlier in the morning on his way to run some errands (as you can imagine, as fun as it is to be riding around the country in a motor home at all times, finding parking can be a real bitch sometimes). Well I can honestly say that we were not by any means disappointed, and the early start was well worth it. Innsbruck is a beautiful historical town, that hosted the 1976 Winter Olympic games. The city itself isn't huge, but the breathtaking traditional architecture, mixed with surrounding mountains and great style make it an extremely interesting and inspiring city to explore. We spent a good portion of the day wandering the city, people watching and of course eating (just can't seem to get enough of that awesome Austrian food). I was so inspired by the fashion, that I also managed to snag some candid shots of street styles in and around the city, which inevitably made me a very happy little lady:-) After our wanderings through Innsbruck, we were picked up by Michael and driven back to their gorgeous house for some refreshments and relaxation. However the relaxation didn't last too long, as we then made our way to the Wolfsklamm Falls, which is a hike along a waterfall consisting of a series of bridges, stairs and very slippery rocks. I really don't need to gush about how gorgeous it was and instead will provide some photos below. The evening and most of the night was spent celebrating Anna's 30th birthday: a party filled with food, drinks and lots and lots of great company...
Innsbruck: The Fashion

The Architecture

The Nature
Day twelve-Galtur, the Silvretta High Alpine Road and Bregenz
Today we unfortunately had to say "good-bye" to Anna and Michael, pack up our trusty caravan once more and head to more adventures unknown. And so we made our way (via the breathtakingly haunting Silvretta High Alpine Road) to Galtur. Galtur has a very sad story to itself indeed, because in 1999 an avalanche struck this tiny ski-resort town and killed 31 people (ür_Avalanche). The town has since recovered but it was still sobering to walk through and see the actual hills where the massive snow rolled off and caused so much damage. In Galtur we didn't do a whole lot other than visit the memorial museum and walked around a little bit. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, because before too long it started to rain so hard we had to rush to our motor home and continue en route to Bregenz. Once in Bregenz we managed to find a camp ground where, to our luck, our motor home got stuck in the mud. It took about 7 people, one angry German yelling instructions from his lawn chair and a whole lot of muscle to push us out! A messy adventure indeed! We settled in Bregenz for the evening and took a stroll along Lake Bondesee to the city centre. Bregenz is an interesting town because it is nestled by the Bondesee, which is actually bordered by Austria, Switzerland and Germany-so you can definitely see the influences. Furthermore, Bregenz is home to the Bregenz Lakeside Opera, which is the world's largest floating opera. It was also featured in the latest James Bond movie (Quantum of Solstice-remember the HUGE eye)-interesting stuff. Anyway, we couldn't wander the city too long on account of the rotten weather, but from what we saw I, at least, really enjoyed the look and feel of the town. Unfortunately, our evening ended on a rather unpleasant note because when we got back  to our little caravan we were met with the screams of an angry Frenchman, who's view we were apparently obstructing with our charming behemoth (I must mote here that in our defence we were parked in a designated parking spot and his tent had no windows so his "obstructing view" argument seemed ridiculous). Regardless, after a lot of wild gesturing, yelling in 3 different languages, and several "it's not my problem!" exclamations (from our lovely French neighbour) we managed to move the beast and all was well again... 


Love K

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have been so terrible at blogging these last two months-mostly on account of the lack of internet access and even more so the lack of time...however I can promise that the rest of our motorhome adventure through Austria and some of the highlights of Slovakia will be added shortly. Stay tuned...It's coming...I promise...
It's coming....back...soon....very very soon :-)

Love K

*Picture courtesy of Sandra and her fabulous planning skills!
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