Friday, May 29, 2009

Someone once said....

I cannot take credit for this, as I took it from another (fabulous) blog: . As soon as I read it it resonated and touched me, and reminded me of travelling, and living, so much so that I needed to share it with all of you that read my own blog. Thank you Lori!


Days are getting warmer on the island, and peace seems to be in the wind.
The island is inspirational, and so are the people in it.
I learn something new everyday.
I find something new everyday.
And I feel something new everyday.
I have been blessed, and though not everyday is perfect; through that imperfection comes new meaning. I realize that it is all about growing and learning.
Some painful things have happened back home for me, but all is ok, and I understand why (this took time of course). Like a fellow expat told me on the island and as the true saying goes, "time heals all wounds," and so it has.
Weakness, pain, and its memories are not deficits, but the facilitator to our strengths, bliss and insights.
Everyday seems to help me believe. Whether it be one of my students trying to have a full blown conversation with me because they want to speak to me in English or the days I explore and see more amazement and intrigue, when I met someone new, or even those lonnnnng days where I just want to pass out; as I digest it all everyday. There is not a single moment of anyday that I am not grateful. That I do not sit back and take a mental picture and say thank you.
Everyday we must breathe, everyday we must be grateful, and everyday we must believe.
When we have followed our truest happiness, our truest selves; been in service to our inner and, equally as important, our outer world, then you will feel the balance.
Know that love is not a dream, a fantasy, a hope or a person. It's not on the left or right side of you, or always seems to pass you by. Love is you. It lives in you, and once you accept all of which you are; the good and the bad, you will feel it and see it. And be able to give it to others fully, without losing yourself in it or losing yourself without it.
Let yourself LIVE...
Love K


Monday, May 18, 2009

And the number one thing I miss MOST of all about Korea is...all the fabulous and wonderful people I left behind!

Thank you so much to all of these awesome, fabulous beautiful and amazing people that have made this adventure a fantastic one! This is a shout out to you all!!!
PS-this list is not in any way exhaustive...I just don't have pictures of everyone... I am sorry :-)

Love K

What I miss most about Korea #2: The Lifestyle...sigh...

Wow, I am officially down to my last two entries...I know I have been taking my sweet time with this but to be honest I am actually dreading finishing this countdown because it's as if this is my last real tie with Jeju and Korea. I know I still have wonderful friends back there but in doing this blog, it was as if I was transported back to that magical two years spent on the peninsula...but alas all good things must come to an end and this is no different. So number two of the things I miss most about Korea is definitely the fabulous lifestyle that we were afforded, specifically living in Jeju Island. Imagine a life with minimal stress (albeit a lot of frustrations) where your job comes third or fourth in line after: socializing, eating, travelling and truly work to LIVE (and have fun) and not the other way around. For me, at least, I felt that almost everyday was a mini-adventure and even the most mundane things bare great significance for me now. I know I am romanticizing this a great deal-but now that I am gone, I figure that I am allowed :-) My daily schedule was always packed, and I know others feel the same way. I guess it's also the fact that in a sense you are a constant tourist of sorts, and as a result you see everything with different eyes. Maybe this is the key to enjoy living anywhere, take each day as a new adventure and live accordingly...I will try to keep this mind for my life I miss you so...

Love K

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I miss most about Korea #3: Jeju Nature, Jeju Weather and Halla Mountain

I realize that this countdown should at this point be entitled "What I miss most about Jeju" but given the fact that I lived in Jeju,  it's no surprise that most of the things I miss happen to be related, in one way or another, to this beautiful island. Keeping this in mind, number 3 on the countdown is a triple-pointer: Jeju Nature, Jeju Weather and Halla Mountain (an extinct/dormant volcano in the centre of the island, which is actually the reason the island exists in the first place).  Halla is an awesome place! I will be honest and admit that I actually only climbed the thing twice, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy looking at it every day (you can literally see it from virtually every part of the island!) It's a constant reminder of the island's great age and beauty.
I mentioned in the past that I am definitely NOT a winter gal, this makes leaving Jeju even harder as it is classified as "sub-tropical" island (meaning VERY mild winters :-) It only makes sense that weather should be one of the top things I miss about living in Korea...okay Jeju:-) As a result of the fact that the weather is so beautiful, for the most part anyway, this gives way to the exquisitely gorgeous nature that can be enjoyed virtually everywhere in Jeju. Besides the palm trees (which I personally cannot get enough of) there are also beautiful flowers all year around and non-evergreen trees which actually never lose their leaves, so it's almost always green in Jeju. As I look out my Toronto window and see the very first buds of green coming (slowly) through, it makes me miss these little things about Jeju (and Korea) even more.
Love K
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