Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dazed and Confused: Korea

I found some of these images at a coffee shop in Shin-Jeju (new Jeju city). They are from a magazine called "Dazed and Confused: Korea." Anyway, I thought they were fantastically creative...a mix of Bladerunner and Mad Max imagery...enjoy...

PS: Jeju Loveland, Fukuoka and Busan pics still to come...just have to find the time to edit them and post them...
Love K


Jim said...

Hey Kat-- Dazed and Confused is a highly influential style magazine that started in England back in the 1990s (

It launched in Korea earlier this year.

As an interesting side note, the reporter who did my interview for the Jungang Ilbo story went on to interview the founder of the magazine, Jefferson Hack, a few weeks later.

He was in Korea promoting the launch.

LoveK said...

that's so awesome I had no idea...I loved the korean version of the magazine sooo creative!!! Thanks for the heads up I am definately going to look into the english version!

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